Band Bio

Tim Thurmond-Bass/Vocals

Steve Cox-Guitar/Vocals

Kenny Head-Piano/Vocals

Bill Cunningham-Steel Guitar

Tom Thurmond-Drums

CRB is a 5 generation band originally started by Lillian & Bunk Dillard in the 1950's and was later reorganized in the 1960's by Roger Thurmond. They played all over the state and brought great classic country to many listeners. The band played on town squares, festivals and dance halls and was well known for their square dance and classic country style of music. As the years passed, Roger had 2 sons(Tom & Tim) and they grew up listening to this music and started delevoping their skills in the early 80's. As bands members would leave and move on to other things, Tom & Tim stepped in and continued the CRB with Roger along side. CRB has played some big time venues and opened for some Nashville artists along the way. Some of those include, Ga Mtn Fair, J & J Center, Country Rock, South Carolina State Fair, Mill Town Music Hall, Cowboys and many more. CRB has opened for T Graham Brown, Joe Diffie, Roy Clark, Gene Watson, Randy Travis, Neil McCoy, Daryle Singletary, Rhonda Vincent, TG Sheppard and Confederate Railroad. Roger retired in 2013 but the other Thurmond boys are keeping CRB rolling along. Alot has changed over the years and musicians have come and gone but the Traditional Classic style has never changed and never will. If you have heard a show we hoped you enjoyed it and if not, please come see us when you can.


2018 Accomplishments

Opened for Exile at the Ga Mtn Fair

Opened for John Conlee at Mill Town Music Hall

2017 Accomplishments-

Opened for Neal McCoy at the Ga Mtn Fair

Opened for Daryle Singletary at Mill Town Music Hall

Opened for Rhonda Vincent at Mill Town Music Hall

2016 Accomplishments-

Opened for TG Sheppard at the Ga Mtn Fair

2015 Accomplishments-

Opening for Confederate Railroad at The Ga Mtn Fair

Opening for Gene Watson at The Anderson Music Hall

2013 Accomplishments-

Opened for T Graham Brown at The Ga Mtn Fair

Opened for Roy Clark at The Ga Mtn Fair

2010 Accomplishments-

Opened for Joe Diffie at The Ga Mtn Fair

2008 Accomplishments-

Opened for Neil McCoy at The Ga Mtn Fair

1969-2007 Accomplishments

Opened for Narvel Felts @ J & J Center

Opened for Dolly Parton & Porter @ J & J Center

Opened for Randy Travis @ J & J Center

Played with John Hughey(Vince Gill's Steel Player) at Saluta S.C.

Opened for George Jones at Lanierland Music Park